Jewelry Sizing Guide


  • To get the best fit, we recommend measuring your neck to where you want the necklace to fall. You can use a sewing tape measurer to achieve this. If you do not have one, you can use a common household item, such as headphones, charging wires, or a piece of string/yarn - then measuring that household item with a ruler. 
  • You can use this chart to help guide you, but everyone has different sized necks, so please use this knowing that it might not be accurate for you. 
  • Sizing according to the chart:
    • 12-14": Choker size
    • 14": Falls right at the base of the neck.
    • 16": Hits around the collar bone.
    • 18": Most popular length for pendants.
    • 20": Falls right above the cleavage. 


  • You can also simply take your favorite ring and measure the inside diameter in millimeters. Follow this chart to find your ring size. Download our guide above to physically compare your ring to a printable chart. 
Inside Diameter Ring Size
14 mm 3
14.8 mm 4
15.6 mm 5
16.45 mm 6
17.3 mm 7
18.2 mm 8
19 mm 9

  • Another great way to measure your ring size at home is to simply measure a piece of paper! Here are the steps below on how to measure your ring size:
    • 1. Cut a thin strip of paper about 1/2” thick and 3” long.
    • 2. Wrap the paper around the base of your finger snugly. Make sure to leave a little room as you will need to slip the ring over your knuckle when you take it on or off.
    • 3. Mark the point where the paper completes the circle and remove the paper from your finger.
    • 4. Lay the paper flat and measure the distance from the end of the paper to your mark using a tape measure or ruler. This will tell you the inner circumference, aka your ring size!
    • 5. Take the measurement you found and use our conversion chart to find the correlating ring size.
    • 6. Now you have your size, and you're ready to shop!
Circumference Ring Size
41.8 mm 2
44.3 mm
46.8 mm 4
49.3 mm 5
51.8 mm
54.3 mm
56.9 mm 8
59.4 mm 9
62.2 mm 10
64.7 mm 11


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